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Follow Jade! Chinese Language Videos Fischer Richard Reviews AT Aug Sep 2003 Video review 601
On Bridges and Rainbows Dashcund Nancy China Adoption Stories AT Aug Sep 2003 China adoption journey 603
Daughter of my Heart Hill Kimberly Adoption - General AT Aug Sep 2003 Failed adoption 596
The Relationship of Schools with Transracially Adopted Children and Their Families O'Neill Linda School AT Aug Sep 2003 Statistics show that transracial adoptions are on the increase, yet educators have not been given the resources to understand or deal with this situation. 592
When Adoptees Become Parents Russell Marlou Adoption - General AT Aug Sep 2003 When adoptees become parents, old fertility issues can resurrect in the adoptive parents 602
Miracles Really Do Happen Ehlers Trista Russia Adoption Stories AT Aug Sep 2003 Coninuation of the journey as one couple adopts their son's biological sister from a Russian orphanage 586
College Kaanta Tanya School AT Aug Sep 2003 A Look Inside One Asian Adoptee's College Experience and her Study of Other Adoptees' Experiences 590
Adoption Today: In the Children's World at School Schoettle Marilyn School AT Aug Sep 2003 What educators need to know about adoption 589
Testing of Language Minority and Culturally Different Children Health AT Aug Sep 2003 Pyschological testing and how to ensure that they are being done in an appropriate manner for your adopted child 593
Beyond the China Adoption Rumor Mill Phagan-Hansel Kim China Adoption AT Aug Sep 2006 Investigation of the current China adoption rumors to provide clear, accurate information about the future of adoption. 124
"Sharing Feelings, Building Connections" MacLeod Jean Health AT Aug Sep 2006 How to deal with the intense adoption feelings that adoptees suffer through 134
Talking About Adoption in Elementary School Brown Jane School AT Aug Sep 2006 How to talk to youngsters about adoption 120
What Type of Connection and Responsibility do You Think Parents Should Have with Their Birth Country Jordan Jinny Reflections AT Aug Sep 2006 Adult adoptees share their insight into their parent's connection to their birth country. 132
Daughter of the Ganges by Asha Miro Vijayasarathy Sindhu Reviews AT Aug Sep 2006 Book review 139
Adoption: Uncharted Waters by David Kirschner Phagan-Hansel Kim Reviews AT Aug Sep 2006 Book review 140
Risks and Resiliency Hettich Renee Adoption - General AT Aug Sep 2006 The adoption of institutionalized children into nurturing families 126
One Size Fits... One Van De Flier Davis Dixie Adoption - General AT Aug Sep 2006 Adoption myths de-mystified by adoption expert 122
"A" is for Adoption Beanland Rachel Adoption - General AT Aug Sep 2006 How a simple alphabet book put a new spin on fostering in Guatemala 127
"One Small Word, One Big Question" Mayes Sara Adoption - General AT Aug Sep 2006 Answering the big adoption question - WHY? 129
Adoptive Father and Rock Star Chris Daughtry Cogan Douglas Adoption - General AT Aug Sep 2006 Highlight of adoptive father and rock star - Chris Daughtry 125

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