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Mama & Me: Mandarin Chinese Class White Christine Cultural AT Jun Jul 2006 Mother and daughter learn Madarin Chinese together and forge a new bond. 101
The Culture is My Soul White Christine Cultural AT Jun Jul 2006 Profiles of two women teaching Chinese language and culture 102
What's in a Name? Champnella Cindy Adoptee Issues AT Jun Jul 2006 A mother struggles with the decision to change her daughter's Chinese name upon adoption 103
What's the Harm? Fortier Sandra Adoptee Issues AT Jun Jul 2006 Changing a child's name upon adoption 104
I Want to Meet Her Too! Stephens Laurie Searching for Birth Parents AT Jun Jul 2006 A mother shares her reasons and desires for finding her adopted daughters' birth families. 105
How Do You Stay Culturally Connected? Various Reflections AT Jun Jul 2006 Adult adoptees share how they remain culturally connected to their birth culture. 106
Serious Illness and Adoptive Parents Ruben Barbara Death AT Jun Jul 2006 When adoptive parents learn that they have a life-threatening illness, the worries begin for their chidlren who have already experienced loss in their young lives. 107
10 Ways to Keep Your Cool LaMons Kat Travel AT Jun Jul 2006 How to stay cool when traveling in warm climates. 108
A Voice Through Art: Creativity and Self-Expression for the Adoptive Child Kallstrom Therese Health AT Jun Jul 2006 How using creative arts encourages children to explore painful feelings and empower them through therapy. 109
Paper Pregnancy Miller Sally Pre-Adoption AT Jun Jul 2006 A pre-adoption mother shares her insight into the sadness of not carrying a child and the honor of adoption. 110
Cultural Connection: Summertime Fun Adoption Today Staff Cultural AT Jun Jul 2006 Cultural items for summertime activities. 111
A Euro American on a Korean Tour at a Thai Restaurant in China by Chris Winston Phagan-Hansel Kim Reviews AT Jun Jul 2006 Book review 112
Adoption Reunion Stories by Shirley Budd Phagan-Hansel Kim Reviews AT Jun Jul 2006 Book review 113
Pushing Up the Sky by Terra Trevor Phagan-Hansel Kim Reviews AT Jun Jul 2006 Book review 114
Bring Me Hope Phagan-Hansel Kim Cultural AT Jun Jul 2006 The Bring Me Hope Olympic Camp gives orphans an experience outside the walls of the orphanage. 115
Adopting an Older Child: How to Bring Your Other Children on Board Kinton Jami Older Child AT Jun Jul 2006 Preparing a family for the adoption of an older child. 116
Journey Back: Learning About Our Daugher's First Life Bucher Heatherly Cultural AT Jun Jul 2006 Revisiting the place where an adopted daughter's life began 117
Healing Hannah Choate Dawn Special Needs AT Jun Jul 2006 One family struggles to heal their new daughter from the traumas of institutional life 118
What Summer Slowdown? Adoption Issues Catch Attention in Washington Towriss John Legal Issues - International Adoption AT Aug Sep 2006 Adoption issues catch attention in Washington 119
Talking About Adoption in Elementary School Brown Jane School AT Aug Sep 2006 How to talk to youngsters about adoption 120

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