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Title LastName FirstName Category Magazine Issue Description ArticlesNo
Adopting as a Single Mother Can Happen Corning Tracy Single Parent AT Oct Nov 2001 Single parent -Polish adoption story 903
Polish Adoptive Parents Association Wasienski Jeff Other Countries Adoption AT Oct Nov 2001 Information regarding Polish adoptions 904
Polish Angels into America Huminski Mimi Other Countries AT Oct Nov 2001 Help for the Polish orphans left behind 905
Two Sisters Build Their Families Through Polish Adoptions Poole Meredith Other Countries Adoption Stories AT Oct Nov 2001 Two sisters build their families by adopting children from Poland. 906
In Their Own Voices by Rita J. Simon and Rhonda M. Rhoorda Reviews AT Oct Nov 2001 Book review 907
Key Questions and Answers about Adoptiong from Poland Huminski Mimi Other Countries Adoption AT Oct Nov 2001 Details on adoption from Poland 908
Remembering the Other 99 Britton Mary Lou Other Countries AT Oct Nov 2001 Polish Children's Foundation of Hope provide help for orphans in Poland 909
When Did You First Take an Interest in Your Birth Culture, & Who Helped Develop that Interest Further Various Reflections AT Oct Nov 2001 Adult adoptees share when they first took an interest in their birth culture and who helped develp that interest further. 910
Adopting From Poland: List of Agencies Other Countries Adoption AT Oct Nov 2001 Adoption agencies for Poland 911
Bonding and Attachment Part 2 Buenning Walter D. Bonding and Attachment AT Dec Jan 2000 Attachment Symptoms 912
Where's My Sister? Redden Charlotte Searching for Birth Parents AT Dec Jan 2000 An adoptee searches in Korea for her birth family 913
I Want to Adopt Again: What to Do When You and Your Spouse Can't Agree Lambe Marybeth Adoption - General AT Dec Jan 2000 Finding unity when both parents have different opinions on to adopt again or not 914
Rainbow Friendship Program: Linking Older Chinese Children with Adoptive Families Wen Zhang Melody Older Child AT Dec Jan 2000 Program to promote the adoption of older Chinese orphans 915
Spotlight on Russia Russia Adoption AT Dec Jan 2000 Adoption agency profiles for Russia 916
Adoptiong from Russia 101: Tips for Taking Control & Navigating the Process Scherl Elizabeth Russia Adoption AT Dec Jan 2000 Advice for the Russian adoption process 917
A Moment in a Life: A Photographic Journey Kiefel Darcy Russia Adoption AT Dec Jan 2000 Photographic journey of a Russian adoption 918
The Angel from Irkustik Kling Kevin Russia Adoption Stories AT Dec Jan 2000 Russian adoption story 919
Four Inspirations: Adopting the Older Child Check Chris Older Child AT Dec Jan 2000 Consider adopting an older Russian 920
Bridge of Hope Klivan Pamela Russia Adoption AT Dec Jan 2000 Summer camp for orphan program may not only brighten a summer for some children, but may also illuminate their future 921
Resources for Families Touched by Russian Adoption Albrecht Kim Russia Adoption AT Dec Jan 2000 Russian adoption resources 922

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