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Title LastName FirstName Category Magazine Issue Description ArticlesNo
Organizations Help China's Orphaned Children Phagan-Hansel Kim China AT Apr May 2002 Altrusa joins with Amity to bring hope; Half the Sky reaches around the world 683
"Alex's Journal: Traveling to China to Adopt My Sister, Meika" Schuman Alex China Adoption Stories AT Apr May 2002 Alex Schuman traveled with her parents to adopt a sister 684
The Controversy Surrounding Searching for Birth Families Brown Jane Searching for Birth Parents AT Apr May 2002 Indepth look at the history of birth parent searches. Is it okay for parents to conduct a search for their child or is it up to the children to decide when and if to search? 685
Wuhu Diary - On Taking My Adopted Daughter Back to Her Hometown in China by Emily Prager Reviews AT Apr May 2002 Book review 686
Enjoy the Magic of Red Trinket Reviews AT Apr May 2002 Jewelry review 687
Etiquette Preparations for Adoption Journeys Phagan-Hansel Kim Travel AT Apr May 2002 Before embarking on travels to foreign lands, consider the behavior and etiquette deemed proper in the country your are visiting 688
Return to Roots: Our Journey Back to China Ellison Stefani China AT Apr May 2002 A parent takes her adopted children to China to reconnect with their roots 689
Research Reflects Positive Picture of China Adoptions Carlino Amie China Adoption AT Apr May 2002 Overview of past China adoptions 690
"China Ties: A Journey Back, A Journey Forward" Piper Becca China AT Apr May 2002 The Ties Program assists adoptive families in homeland journeys. 691
"A Rainbow After Rain, A Hope After Despair" Zou Jin Linda Adoption - General AT Apr May 2002 A story of hope after infertility 692
Unsolicited Comments Daniel Caroline F. Adoptee Issues AT Apr May 2002 Helping adoptees to talk about their adoption and answer the questions of others 693
Make Sense of the Past and Present Zhang Melody Parental Support AT Apr May 2002 Post adoption services for older children 694
Journey for Julia Loza Bonnie Waiting Children AT Apr May 2002 Adopting a waiting child 695
"What is the Most Surprising Aspect of Returning to Korea to Live, Work or Study" Various Reflections AT Apr May 2002 Adult adoptees share their insight into what was the most surprising aspect of returning to Korea to live, work and study. 696
A Single Square Picture by Katy Robinson Reviews AT Jun Jul 2002 Book review 697
I Love You Like Crazy Cakes by Rose Lewis Reviews AT Jun Jul 2002 Book review 698
A Gem Studded Dream Hershberger Sandra Romania Adoption Stories AT Jun Jul 2002 Romania adoption story 699
Is Transracial Adoption Easier for Multiracial Kids? Hall Beth Transracial Adoption AT Jun Jul 2002 Multi-racial children and adoption, do they fare better? 700
Unexpected Kazakhstan Douglass-Kita Mona Kazakhstan AT Jun Jul 2002 Overview of history and a look at life today in Kazakhstan 701
Guidelines for Adopting in Kazakhstan Walch Libby Kazakhstan Adoption AT Jun Jul 2002 Kazakhstan adoption guidelines 702

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