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Follow Jade! Chinese Language Videos Fischer Richard Reviews AT Aug Sep 2003 Video review 601
When Adoptees Become Parents Russell Marlou Adoption - General AT Aug Sep 2003 When adoptees become parents, old fertility issues can resurrect in the adoptive parents 602
On Bridges and Rainbows Dashcund Nancy China Adoption Stories AT Aug Sep 2003 China adoption journey 603
The Rainbow Dashcund Nancy Misc AT Aug Sep 2003 The story of the rainbow. 604
Back to School Shopping Burkes Norris Adoption - General AT Aug Sep 2003 Our children will often choose to separate from us. This process is for finding the purpose for which they were created and for finding their own calling in life. 605
Birth Order and Adoption Schneider Meg Parental Support AT Aug Sep 2003 Birth order personalities 606
The Ins and Outs of the Hague Treaty Towriss John Legal Issues - International Adoption AT Oct Nov 2003 History of the treaty and where the ratification stands in the US 607
Waiting for Lucinda Shore Amy Guatemala Adoption Stories AT Oct Nov 2003 Throughout the long, arduous adoption process, one family never gives up on their daughter waiting in Guatemala 608
"Lions and Dragons and Sars, Oh My!" Stout Judy China Adoption Stories AT Oct Nov 2003 One couple struggled to bring home their daughter from China in the midst of the SARS outbreak 609
Looking at Adoption Organizations Phagan-Hansel Kim Ethical Issues AT Oct Nov 2003 How adoption organizations are approaching the problem of growing numbers of unethical practices in the adoption world 610
"Educate, Celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month" Riggs Diane Adoption - General AT Oct Nov 2003 Adoption is honored by an entire month of celebrating with various events, inlcuding National Adoption Day 611
Make Connections COUNT During National Family Week Emond Don Adoption - General AT Oct Nov 2003 Celebrate with family and friends throughout National Family Week. 612
National Adoption Day Soronen Rita Adoption - General AT Oct Nov 2003 On one special day, thousands of children will be forever families by the legal system of the US 613
The County Family Story Soronen Rita Foster Care & Adoption AT Oct Nov 2003 The County family was honored at the National Adoption day 2002 event in Auburn, Maine for Bill and Ellen's work on the issues of foster care and adoption 614
Have You Ever Known Such Love? Maddox Sherie China Adoption Stories AT Oct Nov 2003 China adoption story 615
Catching a Song: The Older Child's Adoption Trevor Terra Older Child AT Oct Nov 2003 Adopting an older child 616
Love's Labor Ryan Lampl Patricia Russia Adoption Stories AT Oct Nov 2003 After years of endless fertility treatments, the Lampl's uncover the joy of adopting from Russia 617
Creating a Legacy of Stories: Fiction on the Fly Dashcund Nancy Misc AT Oct Nov 2003 Story telling creates a legacy between parent and child 618
"Being Politically Correct, Culturally Appropriate When Visiting Your Child's Birth Country" LaMons Kat Travel AT Oct Nov 2003 Nothing shows respect more than trying to behave in acordance with the customs of a country 619
Grief and Loss in Adoption Russell Marlou Adoptee Issues AT Oct Nov 2003 Grief and loss is often difficult for parents to understand. This article sheds light on this difficult topic. 620

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