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"So, You Want Another Child" Franzmeier Sylvia Adoption - General AT Dec Jan 2003 Some questions to ask before choosing to adopt again 501
Choosing How to Build Your Family Phagan-Hansel Kim Parental Support AT Dec Jan 2003 Deciding to build your family with domestic or international adoption 502
Talking with Your Child About Adoption and Foster Care Issues Russell Marlou Adoptee Issues AT Dec Jan 2003 Discussing issues surrounding adoption is often difficult for parents and children, however, with these helpful tips, this touchy subject will be much easier to address. 503
Expectations of Pamoja Fischer Richard Cultural AT Dec Jan 2003 The African American Heritage Camp Experience 504
Thoughts on Transracial Adoption and Role Models Roorda Rhonda Transracial Adoption AT Dec Jan 2003 Role models for transracial adoptees to help them embrace their ethnicity 505
Getting Past the Prejudices Garcia Cecilia Transracial Adoption AT Dec Jan 2003 The importance of talking about race and conquering the fear factor 506
Finding the Voice in Adoption Phagan-Hansel Kim Adoption - General AT Dec Jan 2003 Highlight of adult adoptee Rhonda Roorda 507
Eleventh Hour Reunion Rutledge Damon Searching for Birth Parents AT Dec Jan 2003 Story of finally meeting a birth mother, right before she passed away 508
Shedding the Light on Adoption Loss: 20 Things Adopted Kids Wish… Phagan-Hansel Kim Reviews AT Dec Jan 2003 Book review 509
Our Adoption Day in Court Erskine Kathryn Russia Adoption Stories AT Dec Jan 2003 Kathryn and Bill Erskine were ready for an easy adoption procedure. They never bargained for what happened in the court room of another country 510
What About Those Who Are Left Behind? Fischer Richard Waiting Children AT Dec Jan 2003 Joshua Zhong shares his ideas for the future of the children left behind in China 511
Our Peruvian Adoption Urban Mary Other Countries Adoption Stories AT Dec Jan 2003 Peru adoption story 512
Building Bridges to Your Child's Ethnic Community and Why it is Important Winston Chris Cultural AT Dec Jan 2003 Cultural connections one parent makes for her adopted children and her search for answers and ties to her children's birth culture 513
Searching for Sophie Stander Merrie Other Countries Adoption Stories AT Dec Jan 2003 Moldova adoption story 514
"Transfomers, Converters, Adopters, Oh MY!" LaMons Kat Travel AT Dec Jan 2003 Overview of transformers, converters and adapters 515
Romania Update Towriss John Legal Issues - International Adoption AT Feb Mar 2003 Will adoptions resume this year? There's movement in Washington and Bucharest, but what does it mean? 516
Sisters in Every Way Ward Bonnie Adoption - General AT Feb Mar 2003 An adoptive mothers finds out her two adopted daughters from China were actually biological sisters. 517
Visa Basics for Adoptive Parents and Companions LaMons Kat Travel AT Feb Mar 2003 Understanding passports and visas 518
Adopting from Ukraine Pelaccia Erica Ukraine Adoption AT Feb Mar 2003 Requirements and process for Ukrainian adoptions 519
Ukraine Adoption Agency Profile Ukraine Adoption AT Feb Mar 2003 Adoption agency profiles 520

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