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 Adoption Today
Your guide to the issues and answers surrounding International and domestic adoption. Written by adoptive parents, adoptees and professionals in the fields of medicine, law, education, social work, child development and International and domestic adoption.

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FOCUS: Disruption, Dissolution & Re-Homing

The Death of a Dream
by Connie Hornyak, MSW, ACSW, LCSW

Yours for Keeps
by Kelly Ryan-Schmidt, LCSW, and Stacia Baraka-Todd, MS.Ed.

Prepare for Permanency, Plan for Disruption
by Toni Hoy

The Systems' Role in Rehoming
by Julie Beem, MBA

Depths of Disruption
by Kelly Killian

Family Resources

Current Issue

 Fostering Families TODAY
Fostering Families TODAY explores the issues that profoundly affect families and children through articles and stories reflecting professional expertise and the experienced perspective of dedicated parents.

Inside this Issue

FOCUS: Understanding the Impact of Attachment and Trauma

Attaching Through Love, Hugs and Play

By Deborah Gray, MSW, MPA

Think of School as a Measuring Tool
By Sandra Kwesell

Reclaiming the Narrative: From Trauma to Storytelling
By Ashley Lepse

Understanding Trauma
By Michelle Pruett, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Parenting Wounded Children
By Lillian Lewis

You Know What I Mean
By Veronica Brown